Join us for the last Triple Bottom Line speaker of the semester

2nd Annual Film Festival: Net Dialogue


Be Our Guest on Friday 28 April: Net Impact Heller’s 2nd Annual Film Festival- Impact Dialogue!

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When: Friday 28 April @ 12 PM, the Heller School

Net Impact Heller invites you to our working group’s 2nd Film Festival, Impact Dialogue.

This year, Net Impact Heller is in partnership with the Solidarity Network and LGBTQIA+ working groups to bring you 4 films:

Omo Child- River and the Bush
Tickling Giants
Born This Way

Festival Format:
Participants choose from 1 of the 3 documentaries (Omo Child- River and the Bush, Tickling Giants) and engage in post dialogue about the respective film.

Then the entire group reconvenes together during the feature film, Bekas.

Please RSVP to ensure that we order food and ensure there is seating for you.

Join us for a Lecture and Q&A with Dan Pallotta, author of Uncharitable: How Restraints on Nonprofits Undermine Their Potential.

Event Details:

Date: Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Time: 12:00pm-1:45pm

Location: Heller, room G4

Pizza will be served. RSVP to Rosella ( by Monday, March 14th with your name and what program you’re in. Please wear business casual attire.


Dan is the Founder and President of Advertising for Humanity and the Charity Defense Council, and he invented the multi-day charitable event industry with the AIDS Rides and Breast Cancer 3-Days. These events altered the landscape of options for ordinary individuals seeking to make an extraordinary difference.

Dan’s work brought the practice of four-figure philanthropy within the reach of the average citizen who had never raised money for charity before in their lives. 182,000 people of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds participated in these inspiring, often grueling, long-distance events that raised $582 million in nine years – more money raised more quickly for these causes than any private event operation in history. Three million people donated to the events.

To put this in perspective, the events that Dan’s company — Pallotta TeamWorks — created and produced, raised more money than the American Express Charge Against Hunger ($21 million), Pepsi Refresh ($15 million), Hands Across America ($34 million), USA for Africa ($66 million), Product (RED) ($150 million), Kiva ($100 million), and American Idol Gives Back ($175 million) combined as of 2011.

The company had approximately 400 full-time employees in 16 U.S. offices, won Brandweek’s Best Cause-Related Event Award, and was the subject of a Harvard Business School case study on social enterprise. Its concepts and methods are employed today by dozens of charities in a variety of events throughout the world that raise approximately one hundred million dollars annually for important social causes. To date the industry has raised in excess of $1.5 billion for important causes in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K employing innovations Dan pioneered in the sector.

Dan also created the Out of the Darkness suicide prevention events, which brought that issue out into the open and gave its closeted constituents the courage to put the cause on the map. The event concept has netted millions for the cause.

Dan’s career as the architect of these heroic journeys for humanity began as an undergraduate at Harvard in 1983 where he chaired the Hunger Action Committee and recruited 38 of his classmates to join him in bicycling 4,200 miles across America to raise money for Oxfam and to heighten awareness of the plight of the hungry.

Dan is the author of Uncharitable: How Restraints on Nonprofits Undermine Their Potential, the best-selling title in the history of Tufts University Press. The Stanford Social Innovation Review said that it “deserves to become the nonprofit sector’s new manifesto,” and which contributed to a new conversation about economic freedom for the humanitarian sector. His newest book is Charity Case: How the Nonprofit Community Can Stand Up for Itself and Really Change the World from Jossey-Bass. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. described it as “An Apollo program for American philanthropy and the nonprofit sector”.

His talk at Heller will focus on his book Uncharitable: How Restraints on Nonprofits Undermine Their Potential.

Check out Dan’s biography and website for further information:

Introducing our 2015-2016 Leadership Team

The Heller School Chapter of Net Impact just kicked off our 2015-2016 year with our first leadership team meeting. During the meeting we brainstormed goals and events for the upcoming year. We are pleased to introduce our new leadership team and we are excited for the year ahead!
Co-Presidents: Stephanie Hurley and Analissa Iversen
Co-Vice Presidents of Membership: Andy Smith and Maryse Pearce
Vice President of Marketing and Communications: Emily Blecker
Vice President of Events: Caitlyn Burke
Vice President of Finance: Andy Osheroff
Vice President of Career Development: Josh Sator
Vice President of Programs: Mark Hogains
Vice President of Partnerships: Christian Perry
Vice President of Member Education: April Nishimura
Upcoming Events:
NI Boston Events Calendar
NI Boston Happy Hour – Wednesday, October 14, 6pm – 8pm, at Meadhall (4 Cambridge Center, Cambridge, MA 02142)

Heller MBA/Net Impact Happy Hour

December 4th, 2014.

This networking event was created to bring current Net Impact members and those in the MBA cohort at Heller to mix and possibly recruit new members. As an end of the semester event, this provided a casual environment to learn about past and upcoming Net Impact events. This was a great venue to learn more about each other as well. Success!

A New Year for Heller Net Impact!

Welcome to the Heller chapter of Net Impact!

We have kicked off this year by planning several events for the next year, and elected our officers to help with planning and operations for these exciting events.

Please welcome our new officers:

Co-Presidents: Kalee Ijames and Pallavee Panchal

Vice President: Melanie Morris

Events Chairs: Alex Smith, Andrea Hayes, Lauren Kayserman, and Meadow Didier

Communication Chairs: Jamie Hennick and Becca Sliwoski

Marketing: Dan McConvey and Lisa Thirer

Our First Event

On Thursday, November 6th, Rohit Kumar, founder of Brush With Bamboo, held a Skype talk with Heller’s Net Impact. As the founder of a company that created the first bamboo, nearly 100% biodegradable toothbrush in America, he spoke of his passion for undoing the American dependence on plastic. After a short story about his desire for an eco-friendly toothbrush, and being unable to locate one in his local health food store, Rohit set out on a journey to make connections, network with the right people, and build a production chain that brings his bamboo toothbrushes to select stores in the US. He spoke to Net Impact about the challenges he faced while building his idea into a company, getting it off the ground, promoting his product, and ultimately all the daily challenges he faces in keeping his product on the market and expanding his customer base. Rohit’s dream for Brush With Bamboo is to bring production to the US, build a 100% biodegradable toothbrush, and bring prices down so everyone can afford this better alternative to synthetic plastic toothbrushes.

Takeaway: Get started on your dream and don’t let imperfection keep you down.

Heller Net Impact Club has a new Leadership team!

After a year of great events, connections, and professional development opportunities, the leadership team is excited to pass the torch to a new team of leaders!

The new team comprises of:

  • Co-Presidents: Laura Rooney and Annie Moore
  • Events: Brian Meehan and Sena Goka
  • Communications: Abigail Rothberg and Kristen Devoucoux
  • Marketing: Gabriel Malseptic

We hope the new team will be able to  make great strides in promoting sustainability in business as well as in generating awareness about Net Impact among the Heller community. We also hope that they have as much fun as we had during the whole process!

 The outgoing Hellet Net Impact 2011-2012 team congratulates the 2012-2013 leadership team! All the Best!