Introducing our 2015-2016 Leadership Team

The Heller School Chapter of Net Impact just kicked off our 2015-2016 year with our first leadership team meeting. During the meeting we brainstormed goals and events for the upcoming year. We are pleased to introduce our new leadership team and we are excited for the year ahead!
Co-Presidents: Stephanie Hurley and Analissa Iversen
Co-Vice Presidents of Membership: Andy Smith and Maryse Pearce
Vice President of Marketing and Communications: Emily Blecker
Vice President of Events: Caitlyn Burke
Vice President of Finance: Andy Osheroff
Vice President of Career Development: Josh Sator
Vice President of Programs: Mark Hogains
Vice President of Partnerships: Christian Perry
Vice President of Member Education: April Nishimura
Upcoming Events:
NI Boston Events Calendar
NI Boston Happy Hour – Wednesday, October 14, 6pm – 8pm, at Meadhall (4 Cambridge Center, Cambridge, MA 02142)

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