Heller Net Impact Club has a new Leadership team!

After a year of great events, connections, and professional development opportunities, the leadership team is excited to pass the torch to a new team of leaders!

The new team comprises of:

  • Co-Presidents: Laura Rooney and Annie Moore
  • Events: Brian Meehan and Sena Goka
  • Communications: Abigail Rothberg and Kristen Devoucoux
  • Marketing: Gabriel Malseptic

We hope the new team will be able to  make great strides in promoting sustainability in business as well as in generating awareness about Net Impact among the Heller community. We also hope that they have as much fun as we had during the whole process!

 The outgoing Hellet Net Impact 2011-2012 team congratulates the 2012-2013 leadership team! All the Best!

2 thoughts on “Heller Net Impact Club has a new Leadership team!

  1. Net Impact IBS would like to congratulate the new leadership team! Please feel free to contact us anytime. We would love to get together sometime soon to expand our network and build a stronger Net Impact relationship within Brandeis!

    Allison Nakano
    V.P. of Membership and Chapter Relations

  2. Hi Allison, Thanks so much. We were actually discussing getting together as well. We will keep you posted.

    Marketing, Heller Net Impact

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